Yarden Mitrani is a French/Israeli fashion designer. Born in Tel-Aviv into an artistic family, he grew up surrounded by art and culture, fashion and music and he immediately stood out for his unconventional style.

At age 21 Yarden enlisted in a fine art course at the Arti Shenkar Academy, where he explored many different types of mediums and developed his artistic skills.

In 2009, he started his journey of becoming a Fashion Designer at the Concept Academy.

In 2011 Yarden presented his post-course collection at his first fashion show in Tel-Aviv and was avowed as an excellent student.

Meanwhile he won a fashion contest on a TV show called The Most Expensive Dress broadcasted on the Israeli Channel 10.

Yarden continued his journey at ESMOD Fashion Design School in Paris where he specialised in women’s luxury and haute couture fashion. He had his first professional work experience at several French couture fashion houses, the likes of Julien Fournie and Façonnier Chanel. He also took part in runway fashion shows for Rick Owens and Vivienne Westwood.

In 2014 Yarden moved to Florence. Eager to gain more knowledge and experience, he worked for Rina Milano, a historic and famous tailoring house. During his stay in Florence Yarden also worked on an independent project in collaboration with the artist Roberto Alborghetti. Throughout the project, Yarden was able to dress Miss Italia. He also designed his own wine label with Pinzi Pinzuti, an artisanal agricultural estate based in Siena.

In 2016 he met his wife Leoné Love. Shortly after they met, Yarden moved to the UK to pursue his relationship and during this time he worked as a freelance pattern maker for different companies and private clients.  

In 2018, Yarden moved back to Florence with Leoné in order to start his own fashion label.


I came into fashion wanting to bring to the table something different and unique. My desire is to see the consumer buying clothes with the mentality of ‘long term purchases’ rather than buying fast fashion at low prices, resulting in clothing that doesn’t last. My vision is for the consumer to buy quality clothing designed to last, and therefore in the long run, saving money and reducing impact on the environment."

The canvas for the painter, the marble for the sculptor and the white page for the writer. For Yarden, the garment is a way to express his creativity to the fullest.

His philosophy is characterized by an eco-friendly predisposition that favors high quality Made in Italy in line with his visionary approach to the fashion world.

Every woman has her own femininity and sensuality and his creations perfectly embody this innate elegance.


I gradually want to give people the ability to identify with my own brand. It isn’t about a style, it's more about cuts, lines, shapes, details, technique, volumes and how I incorporate my own twist on the garment.

D.N.A. it is not just the name of the collection. It communicates a much broader concept that expresses Yarden's vision, his essence and identity. Classic and with contemporary aspects, the collection is diverse and tells of a unique and timeless elegance. For this collection, Yarden decided to work with solid fabrics – no prints – in order todraw attention to technique and exalt each individual detail. D.N.A. is a collection containing different materials, textures and volumes that despite or perhaps because of their diversity interact in harmony, connected by a unique fil rouge that unites all of the outfits in the collection.